A green pool is never a good thing, but a green commercial pool is potentially disastrous, not to mention extremely embarrassing. Who can forget the Olympic swimming pool in Rio that turned an unenviable shade of green overnight, after a hapless contactor mistakenly added hydrogen peroxide to the pool, effectively neutralising the purifying effects of the chlorine?

Because of their size, and the sheer numbers of people who swim in them, commercial pools can be tricky to look after, and keeping them in clear and sparkly condition is a much more difficult prospect than looking after the pool in your back garden.

One of the key elements to get right is the filtration system. A properly functioning commercial pool filter removes debris from the water (such as leaves and dirt) and prevents the growth of bacteria and algae. Rapid removal of this debris is important in order to reduce the impact on the disinfection system and maximise the effect of the overall pool sanitation.

Because they are often outside, commercial swimming pools are vulnerable to environmental contaminants blown in by the wind, droppings from birds, and rain. Contaminants introduced by swimmers themselves can also drastically impact on the operation of commercial pools. Swimmers can introduce micro-organisms into the water from sweat, sunscreen, saliva, cosmetics, and yes, we have to say it, urine and fecal matter. A shudder-worthy statistic is that in a commercial pool of about 835 000 litres, there will be an average of 75 litres of urine at any given time.

The sanitation and filtration of a commercial pool work in tandem to ensure clean, clear water. Sanitation involves the adding of (usually) chlorine to the water to kill bacteria and prevent waterborne pathogens. Filtration makes the pool water clear, which greatly enhances the visual appeal of the pool, but also adds to the safety aspect in that lifeguards or other officials can see what’s happening underneath the water. Fitting the correct filter is critical, as, in order to function correctly, it must operate within its manufacturer-recommended design limits.

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