Swimming at hotels, resorts, apartment complexes or any other commercial swimming pool can be a lot of fun on a hot day, but how often do you wonder whether the water is clean and sanitary, knowing that you’re sharing the water with numerous bodies?

Just because the pool may look sparkling blue and attractive doesn’t necessarily mean that the water is safe to swim in. There are many contaminants that pool water is exposed to such as dirt, sweat, body fats, faecal matter, oral and nasal discharges, hair, as well as rain, windblown debris and other materials from the air and pool surrounds.

A Clean Pool Benefits Everyone

Pool safety and creating a healthy environment for swimmers starts with you, the accommodation owner or manager. It is your responsibility to ensure your guests have a positive and overall enjoyable experience – catching something nasty from a public pool is neither positive nor enjoyable.

Looking after your guests’ health has added benefits in that the steps you take, will also ensure that you will be safeguarding the quality and durability of your commercial swimming pool, while at the same time promoting the high standards of your facilities.

The Elements that make up a Balanced System

Chemicals and Chemical Checks

The number one thing is chemical balance – test the water once or twice a day to make sure the chlorine and pH levels are acceptable. If the water balance is off, the pool can become cloudy and sometimes become contaminated by black algae, which is very tough to get rid of.

Safe chemical and microbiological levels will mean that swimmers are protected from unsafe bacteria, as well as from possible chemical burns that can affect their skin and mucous membranes. By maintaining the correct chemical balance in your commercial swimming pool, you are not only protecting your guests, but you also minimise the risk of damage to the pool and any associated equipment.

Purchasing your pool chemicals from a reputable local supplier should come with some degree of valuable technical support and possibly some training.

Pool chemicals are hazardous products, and caution must be exercised at all times for the safety of both the staff and the guests.


Filtration is an important maintenance element. Not looking after your filters will result in your chemicals going to waste. Monitor the back pressure of the filters and run a backwash cycle to clean them when the pressure builds up beyond the desired, or normal PSI. When backflushing no longer achieves the results it should, it’s time to change the filters.

Water Flow and quality

Optimum water quality depends greatly on the efficiency of both the mechanical systems and the chemical treatments you have in place for your commercial swimming pool.

It is very important that pool equipment and water quality be checked on a daily basis. From a management perspective, it’s advisable to have at least two staff members who are trained to handle chemicals, water balance, monitoring, maintenance, pressure, filters, vacuuming, scrubbing and other related pool cleaning issues. It is not a good idea to have too many people involved in this responsibility, as it could affect the consistency of the pool care.

Cleaning and maintenance

Vacuum the pool every morning before opening. Make sure to consistently check that the vacuum hoses and related equipment are in good repair. Scrub the edges and bottom of the pool, before vacuuming, every other day.

Every two to four years, the pool should be drained and given a proper clean – such as an acid wash of the sides and bottom. Any necessary repairs to the surface of the pool can be carried out at the same time.

Make use of an outside contractor for expertise on repairs, resurfacing, system upgrades and pool equipment.

Don’t forget that the area surrounding the pool is just as important to keep clean, safe and in good repair. It also helps by lowering the number of containments that could be tracked or blown into the pool.

Bather or usage level

Becoming more aware of how many people would be likely to use the pool at any one time, and then planning for maximum use on any given day, will greatly assist you and your staff in adjusting chemical treatment levels accordingly.

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