Swimming pool owners with above ground pools know that they require slightly different care to their larger, hardier, in-ground counterparts. 

Sometimes these are an easy fix but oftentimes they need some specialist knowledge. 

So, what are some of the more common problems with above ground swimming pools?

Above Ground Pool Problems

Leaking vinyl

As the days warm up and we are blessed with our beautiful summer sunshine, we will certainly experience some water loss due to evaporation. This is perfectly normal and easily rectified with a top-up of water. 

However, if we are losing more water than usual, we should start checking for leaks. Starting with the pump and piping, check that there are no obvious leaks in the filtration system which can be fixed with a little tightening. 

A leak in the vinyl, usually on the floor of your pool, may be the culprit. If your above ground pool is fairly new then there may be problems beneath the liner, perhaps stones or roots which weren’t removed. If it’s an older pool, then it may be caused by wear or an overenthusiastic child with a sharp toy. Either way, you may be able to patch it up with some duct tape, although this is not a permanent fix.

Wrinkled liner

Those pesky wrinkles in your pool liner may not be a problem, but they are unsightly and can trap dirt and debris. In some cases, though, a wrinkle on the floor of your vinyl pool may be indicative of a leak.

So how do we get rid of them?

Your first option is to try and walk them out wearing soft-soled shoes on and gently pulling the liner as you walk. Some have experienced some success with a (clean) toilet plunger or a pool brush. If you have a lot of wrinkles and they’re proving a nuisance, then it may be time to drain your pool and take a look at the surface that it’s placed on, perhaps adding another layer of soft sand for additional support and protection.

As your above ground pool ages, you will find that the vinyl will stiffen and become less pliable, more prone to splitting or wear. A chat with your local pool experts will be able to guide you on the best care for your pool, but it may be that it’s time to retire the old girl and get a new swimming pool. 

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