What do gardeners, vegetable farmers, retail outlets, and great hosts all have in common?

If you said misting systems, you’d be right on the money!

Yes, the humble misting system is a cost-effective, enjoyable, and healthy way to cool and humidify a space, and has multiple uses.

What is a misting system?

A misting system is a high-pressure water system in which water is atomised into tiny droplets, without generating heat or affecting water chemistry. A ceramic disc vibrates at ultrasonic speed to create a fine, cooling mist. This mist evaporates as it absorbs the warmth of the atmosphere, thereby reducing the ambient temperature.

Where can a misting system be used?

Heat reduction

On a hot summer day, a misting system in your outdoor living area, around your pool, or on your patio cools your space with a gentle, ultrafine spray. This highly efficient evaporation method can reduce temperatures dramatically, allowing you to enjoy the warm afternoon with friends and family.

Pest control

Did you know that installing a misting system on your patio naturally repels flying insects, discourages dust mites, and reduces smoke and pollen in the air? The mist acts as an air scrub, creating fresher, cooler air for you and your guests.


In a closed environment, such as a greenhouse, a misting system cools and waters your plants. Green grocers also make use of these to keep farm produce, such as leafy greens and herbs, fresh and crunchy.

We love that water can be used in so many clever ways to make our lives more comfortable.

Along with swimming pools, fountains, and ponds, Pool Spa offers a range of misting systems for all your cooling requirements.

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