So, you want to renovate your pool and you really want something special this time, something that will make a splash… so to speak. Here’s something to consider: glass mosaic tiles.

Designers around the globe are turning the average swimming pool into a magical work of art by making innovative use of glass mosaic tiles. Visually striking, luminously beautiful and brilliantly reflective, there are so many reasons to choose glass tiles for your pool. Let’s explore some of them.

The Benefits of Glass Mosaic Tiles in Your Swimming Pool

  • Available in any colour and size you can imagine
  • Create works of art, monograms, or underwater landscapes for a truly unique finish
  • They can make your pool appear larger and more dramatic when combined with the right pool lights
  • Glass tiles work well with other mediums such as cement finishes, stone, ceramic tiles or mirrored tiles
  • Can be used in any sized swimming pool, as a border or as a complete tiling solution
  • The glass is easy to clean and stain resistant
  • Coloured mosaics hold their colour and won’t fade over time
  • Glass is recyclable and is an eco-friendly choice

What About Cleaning and Maintenance of Glass Mosaics?

Cleaning is easy! Because glass has a non-porous finish, a regular and gentle wipe down with a soft brush is all that is needed to keep them looking their brilliant best.

Care should be taken, however, not to use an abrasive brush on glass mosaics as these can scratch the surface and dull their finish.

When used on swimming pool steps, it would be wise to make use of a non-slip sealer which takes nothing away from the gorgeous finish but will certainly keep your family and guests safe when frolicking in the shallows.

Using glass mosaic tiles in your swimming pool may not be the cheapest choice that you can make, but it is certainly a long-lasting, user-friendly and stunningly beautiful one.

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