Are you planning a swimming pool renovation, or even a new pool, and you want to give it a little personality? More and more people are opting for pool lights which add a certain pizzaz to your pool and makes night-swimming a whole lot more fun. The debate continues, however, on choosing halogen vs LED lights for your pool.

Halogen vs LED Lighting

As ever, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, as there are pros and cons for both camps.

Halogen Lighting

Halogen lights offer a very bright, almost torch-like light. They come in limited colours which are dictated by the lens of the light, and not the light itself, which may not be ideal if you have a particular colour theme in mind.

The initial cost for the product itself ranges from R1300 – R1600 on average and offer a life span of around 1200 hours.

Halogens will draw 100 watts each, however, which makes them a little juicy. They also have a seal which needs replacing every 1-2 years, and that will cost you around R800 – R900 in parts.

LED Lighting

LED lights offer a completely different look and feel, with a ghostly glow as opposed to a beam of light. They come in multiple colours and even have the option of colour changing, dimming or a flashing disco style – with the ability to be remotely controlled from your smartphone.

Costs vary depending on the make and functionality, but you can budget between R800 – R3000 per unit.

One of the key selling features of LED lights is their low running costs, using less than 1/5 of the power of a halogen. In addition, they offer a 20 000 + hour lifespan – some lasting over 10 years.

LEDs are not serviceable. Is something goes wrong then the unit needs to be replaced, which isn’t ideal.

LED lights seem to be the way forward for many residential and commercial uses, based on their more advanced functionality, low running costs and versatility.

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