Running water has a calming effect, doesn’t it? For some unknown reason we find that sound to be tranquil and relaxing. Whether you opt for buying an affordable premade fountain or decide to build your own, you’re bound to get some great inspiration from various types of features that highlight nature’s most important element – water! Try some of these water feature ideas to change the look of your garden:

  • Simple urn feature – the simplicity of an urn fountain is that it can be a rustic or classy feature in a garden as it isn’t too fancy or overbearing. Just make sure that your pot or urn is specifically designed to remain outdoors so that this will last and make it through all weather conditions.
  • Water wall – An outdoor water wall is without a doubt one of the most striking and visually stunning garden features. What makes it even more amazing is the fact that you can make it with your own two hands! At a minimal cost your wall water feature will add a waterfall effect to your garden area. If you have one of those round glass-top tables that you’re not sure what to do with, you should really consider using that glass piece to create a water wall. Repurposing materials will make this an affordable build.
  • Tiered pot fountain – This is a fun project which is a quick and easy one since you don’t really need all that many materials and tools. Take the time to trawl the gardening stores to find the perfect pots. And if you don’t have too much space and want to downsize, you can always use just two pots instead of three (alternatively, you can add another pot if you want it even bigger).
  • Teapot fountain – if you can get your hands on an old (empty, of course) whiskey barrel and teapot, these will make the starting foundation for an absolutely vintage looking water feature. The whiskey barrel will form the “pond” and the teapot the fountain pouring into the pond. This is a very cost effective and rustic looking feature.
  • Mini water garden – if you don’t have enough space or time to build a pond but still desperately want a water feature, then try your hand at making your own mini pond. All you need is an empty plant pot (not with filtration holes) filled with water and to fill it with water lilies. Make sure that the water lilies are not too big for the pot! Having this on your balcony will definitely beautify it!

Garden creativity ….

With a bit of creative thinking and time, you will be surprised at what materials you can use to make water features. Not all the items need to be bought new – recycle and re-use!

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