Above ground pools are becoming ever more popular. The days when the pool was stuck at the bottom end of the garden where a pool house needed to be built alongside to accommodate wet bathers and equipment are fading fast. Above ground pools, set into a deck pretty much takes the headache out of tons of soil, grass and whatnot piling into the pool every time the kids have friends over for a pool party. These days, pool engines run at half the decibels they used to, so coming closer to home really starts to sound attractive.

Logistics of a Deck Pool

The first decision is whether the deck is to be of concrete or wood and whether it needs to incorporate natural stone. May our first tip be that wood is fabulously versatile when it comes to shaping and are very forgiving when it comes to levelling. Besides, if you need to install benches, a table or flower boxes, you just use the decking wood and keep the continuity and convenience going. On the other hand, there’s everything to be said for constructing a concrete pool to wrap around a corner of the house and let it ‘rim-flow’ over into the garden.

Someone may have commented that it’s just as bad digging the holes for the poles as it is digging the hole for a pool in the first place. Not necessarily. Area permits notwithstanding, floating supports that simply stand on levelled ground can be passed and so are concrete pole stands perfectly acceptable for holding up the weight of the deck. No digging needed!

If you’re wanting to cut into an existing deck to accommodate a new pool, the weight bearing aspects will need a professional assessment. There may also be by-laws in your area about fencing pools in, which will affect the ascetics and the practicality of your ideas. Once again, the professionals at the pool shop can assist you with current trends, how to overcome obstacles and how to remain law-abiding citizens.

Whether you’re looking at installing an above ground pool inside of an existing deck or wanting to do the two together – new pool, new deck, there are ingenious ways to make this the best feature of your property and the most favoured spot for friends and family alike.

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