There are few things more relaxing and calming to our frazzled minds than watching fish glide lazily through the water. Which is, we suppose, one of the reasons that home aquariums are so popular, despite the amount of work that goes into keeping them clean. 

If you are considering buying an aquarium then you may be a little overwhelmed by all the “essential” add-ons which will be recommended to you. Some of these are important, some are nice-to-haves. 

What you will need is an efficient air pump for your aquarium.

Why Do I Need An Air Pump For My Aquarium?

Air pumps do two things:

  1. They assist with oxygenating the water in the tank. 
  2. They force water through a filter to help to keep the tank clean.

There are certainly occasions when an air pump will be redundant, such as when you are using an external canister filter, simply because there is already adequate water movement and surface agitation. In this instance, the water will be sufficiently oxygenated and circulated so as to provide a healthy overall space for your fish.

Is There A Difference Between Aeration and Oxygenation? 

There is a difference between the two. 

Oxygenation relates to how much oxygen is dissolved in the water. Aeration is related to the flow of water, and how much of the oxygenated water is moving around your aquarium. 

An oxygenator may assist with adding oxygen to your tank, but if it’s not moving around then you may find that, for example, the bottom-dwelling fish aren’t getting this oxygenated water and may suffer. 

An air pump is a great way to add this life-giving oxygen to your fish and plant life in your aquarium, as well as agitating the water and allowing it to reach every corner of your tank. 

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