For the health of your fish and the overall benefit of your aquarium or pond, you will need to ensure that the water has enough oxygen. While there are several ways to oxygenate the water, one cheap and effective way is by using an air stone.

What is an Air Stone?

An air stone also called an aquarium bubbler, is a small disk-shaped addition to ponds or aquariums which is used to infuse the water with oxygen. They generally sit at the bottom of the tank or under a light layer of gravel and are attached to a pump which pushes air into them, which they release as small bubbles.

They are usually made from porous stones or lime wood and, depending on the mineral content of your water and the product itself, they are usually effective for around 6 weeks. There are ways, however, of cleaning your air stone to give it an extension of life. 

How Do They Work?

Understanding how oxygen actually gets into the water will help us to see how an air stone works. There are three ways in which oxygen gets into the water:

  • Diffusion from the surrounding air
  • Aeration of water
  • Waste products from plants

When we aerate the water by using a water diffuser like an air stone, the oxygen within the bubbles is released into the water in a gas exchange, especially as the bubbles burst on the surface of the water. This happens in nature when water moving over stones in a river agitates the surface of the water and helps to facilitate this gas exchange. 

So, an air stone allows oxygen to diffuse into your aquarium or pond water efficiently and quietly.

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