Sometimes, the array of chemicals, add-ons and optional extras that we “need” for our swimming pools can be quite overwhelming. As a pool owner, you try to keep on top of it, but it can feel like a moving target. 

So, you’ve been told that you need pool stabilizer? 

What exactly is it, and why is it a necessary part of home swimming pool care?

The lowdown on pool stabilizer

If you’re using a product that already combines stabilizer with the chlorine dose, then you likely won’t need to concern yourself with this information. 

Pool stabilizer is a chemical additive also known as pool conditioner or chlorine stabilizer.  

The job of pool stabilizer is to keep the chlorine in the water for longer. Environmental factors such as UV rays from our overly hot South African sun tend to break up the chlorine in the pool which renders it incapable of doing its job. It simply breaks down and evaporates from the water. 

Pool stabilizer binds itself to the free chlorine in your pool, the essential chemical that breaks down algae and sanitizes your water. The result is a chlorine ion which is five times more resistant to the premature aging effect of the sun. The chlorine is prevented from escaping too early and can go about its duties. 

The downside, however, is that chlorine stabilizer slows down the chlorine’s effect, which means that it takes longer for it to work its magic. 

Essentially, if you’re living in a warm and sunny climate and you aren’t currently using a combination chlorine product (which includes stabilizer), then you’re going to find that you use more than the necessary chlorine to keep your pool clean.

If you’re not certain, then chat with the team at Pool Spa. We can assist you in finding the perfect chemical balance for your swimming pool and ultimately, reduce your costs.