The true value of a water feature is very hard to quantify in monetary terms. Much like other forms of art, the value is often more appreciative than financial. In other words, it may lie more in the enjoyment you derive from it, than from any actual Rands and cents value.

Water features added to a high-end home may increase the value slightly, but in a more modestly-priced property, it could be seen as more of an inconvenience than a benefit. This is especially true in the case of a pond, which needs maintaining. It also takes up space in your garden that could otherwise be used for a play set, for example.

The significant flip side of that scenario is this:

While a water feature may not add tangible monetary value to your home, it can definitely make it more appealing to buyers. Estate agents agree that landscaping, and the overall appearance of your garden, is a huge part of what makes your home stand out (or not!) from other similarly-priced properties.

Installing a fountain or other small water feature is easy and cost-efficient. Even if it doesn’t increase the value of your home to any significant degree, it enhances the visual appeal of your property. Whereas swimming pools are expensive to maintain and can be a safety hazard, water features don’t require much maintenance and provide soothing, mood-enhancing sounds.

Water features help increase the “salability” of your home, meaning it stays on the market for a shorter time. They create the perfect place for hosting braais and family gatherings, and this helps make your home more attractive to buyers.

Adding some outdoor lighting boosts the appeal even further. Lighting adds beauty to your outside space, but it also creates a sense of security – a well-lit outdoor area is a deterrent to thieves.

More Than Just Money

Studies show that as little as five minutes of “green exercise,” or spending time in nature, can boost our mood and self-esteem. This is why some of the best benefits of water features extend far beyond the financial. Water features have a serene and calming effect, creating feelings of peace and wellbeing. Looking at moving water can be very therapeutic, especially if you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

If you’re thinking of adding a water feature to your property, talk to the experts at Pool Spa & Filtration Supplies. We can give you great advice on the best way to enhance both the monetary and aesthetic value of your home.