If you are looking for something to spruce up your garden then a water feature fountain might be just what you are looking for. Here at Pool Spa & Filtration we can provide you with a variety of different options when it comes to a fantastic water feature fountain. We also have the expertise to make sure that the installation for your water feature fountain is done properly. Our water features are equipped with everything you could possibly need. They are modern and stylish and will certainly add something special to your garden.

Our gardens in South Africa, are often our pride and joys. This is because they are spacious and have an abundance of beautiful foliage. The garden is also the place where many a special event is held and family time is at its up most. So why not make your garden that much more special by installing one of our water features. Our water features are extremely elegant and come in a variety of different sizes and styles. Having a water feature in your garden can also be extremely tranquil, in fact having the sound of running water in the background can be an extremely relaxing experience. Whether you enjoy hosting big events and want a statement piece in your garden or are just wanting to spend a bit of time in the garden by yourself then a water feature is a fantastic addition.

Your water feature does require a bit of maintenance which is why it is important to enlist the expertise of us here at Pool Spa & Filtration. We will make sure to give you a system that works properly.

Here are the non-negotiable parts you need to have in order to have a perfectly running water feature:

  • Water pump
  • Water filtration system
  • PVC piping

No matter whether you are looking for a water fountain that is understated or going to make a statement in your garden then we are the company to come too.

We also have amazing music fountains. These are the “big mamas” of the fountain family. These fountains are designed to not only be a stunning water feature but also make use of LED lights. These lights are specifically designed to work in time with the music that is being played by the fountain. If you have ever seen the water feature at Monte Casino at night, you can understand why these fountains are considered to be the piece de resistance of water features. We can provide you with music fountains that are suitable for both home and offices.

Just keep swimming

There is nothing better than getting into a cool pool on a hot day during the summer. But when that pool starts to resemble something more like a swamp you may need to invest in some new swimming pool parts. Here at Pool Spa & Filtration we have all the necessary parts you could possibly need to assist in getting your pool sparkling again.

Our pool pumps are without doubt the best in the business. Unfortunately if you do not have a functioning pool pump then you will run into major problems. When your pool pump is malfunctioning you will soon find that your pools water begins to decrease and it will no longer be able to filter or backwash properly. If you do not fix your pool pump in due course you will soon find that your pool begins to get murkier and murkier and no amount of chlorine will help. So at the first time of trouble you should get in contact with us here at Pool Spa & Filtration. Whether you have a big pool, splash pool or even an industrial pool we have the solutions for you.

We have the following on offer:

  • PONTEC Pumps and water features
  • EMAUX Water technology
  • Swimming pool pump and Filters; Lights; Surround Equipment; Shell fittings; Spas
  • We also have the following on offer: OASE Water equipment
  • Fountain pumps and Nozzles; Pond Pumps; Ultra Violet Sterilisers; Biological Filters; Fountain and Garden Lighting; Aqua Activ Pond
  • Treatment Systems

Whether you are looking for pool supplies or a water fountain, we are the company for you. So get in contact with us today, and one of our friendly consultants will be able to answer any and all of your queries about our products and services with ease.