EMAUX cartridge filters have been specifically designed for the filtration of spa and swimming
pool water. They should not be used for any other purpose without first consulting your EMAUX
dealer or EMAUX pool systems.

EMAUX cartridge filters provide economy , high performance and convenience in a well designed pressure filter .The polyester element can be removed quickly for rinse cleaning without water loss.

EMAUX cartridge filters feature large filter areas, which Ensure even water distribution, peak
filtration performance and longer filter cycles.The corrosion-resistant construction of EMAUX
cartridge filters provides long life and durability.

EMAUX cartridge filters are capacity matched with the EMAUX range of pool and spa pumps
available from EMAUX Pool Systems, forming a total pool filtration system built to last .Take care
to match the pump and filter capacities to gain maximum performance and efficiency.

Cartridge filtration is an effective trouble-free proven method of filtration. Pool water enters the filter and passes through a polyester single element cartridge. Suspended particles are trapped and the water is returned to the pool. As the build-up of dirt in the element increases, so the water pressure rises and the flow decreases. When the pressure reaches an unacceptable level, the element must be removed and cleaned (spray washing with a common garden hose is generally sufficient).

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