The EMAUX SSC Mini Salt Chlorinator is designed for residential pools up to 90000 litres. Using the latest technology, SSC-mini combines an intuitive interface with robust components for user-friendly installation and operation. This maintenance free chlorinator represents the best value for money in the market.

The Cell

1) Titanium plates for a maximum chlorine production of 20 gram/h
2) Self-cleaning reverse polarity
3) Water flow sensor
4) Temperature sensor
5) Translucent casing with connections for 50 mm / 1 1⁄2″ or 63 mm / 2″ pipes

Features of the cell

1) Easy to install, maintain and replace
2) Maximum working pressure: 2.5 bar
3) Perfect suited for magnesium salted pools
4) Affordable spare parts

Intuitive Control Panel

1. Low cell life: the cell electrodes have to be replaced.
2. No flow: water flow is not detected, or water flow is too low.
3. Alarm: the unit is not working properly.
4. Stand-by: the unit is between operation cycles.
5. Normal operation: Electrolytic cell is generating chlorine under normal conditions.
6. Super-chlorination: Electrolytic cell will be generating chlorine non-stop for 24 hours.
7. Work schedule: indicate the working period
8. Simple control buttons:
• Work schedule control button: adjusts the working time
• Super-chlorination button: activates super-chlorination mode


1) USER-FRIENDLY Easy operations with few buttons
2) EASY INSTALLATION Minimum piping modifications for existing installations
3) DURABLE Long cell lifetime and economic spare parts available
4) GOOD PERFORMANCE Less handling of chemicals and better quality of water