If you are thinking that a beautiful natural water feature will complete your courtyard, you are probably right. Courtyard water features are an eye-catching addition and can be built in just a couple of days.

A few simple tweaks mean that your water feature can also be incredibly low maintenance -such as switching out the collection pond for a gravel-filled reservoir that catches and recycles the water.

Choose Your Stone

The first part of this DIY project is choosing the right fountain stone. Adjust the stone to change the flow of the water – this can also give you creative options for your courtyard water feature. Take a look at the various pumps and water feature options available from Pool Spa.

Drilling The Stone

Some places will drill the stone for you, if not then you will need to do this yourself. All stone can be drilled – use a rotary hammer drill and a one-inch masonry bit. It is quite a slow and noisy process, and make sure you wear ear and eye protection. Make sure not to force the drill bit, let the hammer do its work.

Prepping The Location

It is quite a process to prep the area for the courtyard water feature. This will take up the most time of your project. Very simply the steps are as follows

  • Mark out the location
  • Dig out the fountain
  • Insert the lining
  • Drill and place the reservoir buckets in the holes
  • Cut off the bucket rims
  • Place gravel around the buckets
  • Attach the water lines
  • Adjust the stone to get the right flow
  • Connect the fountain fittings to the waterline
  • Fix the stone in place

Make It Pretty

All that remains is to decorate your courtyard water feature. Add some potted plants around the fountain stone, and add some topdressing and edging stones. Trim off any liner that is still visible.

If you would like more information about courtyard water features, give Pool Spa a shout today on 011 793 1381 and speak to one of our friendly and professional staff.