Garden ponds are a charming addition to any outdoor space. Do you have a pond in your garden? Are you thinking about building one? Then you probably already know that a good quality filter is a must for maintaining healthy ponds.

If you’re looking for a UVC pond filter, the Oase BioSmart is a great choice. Here’s everything you need to know.

Oase BioSmart Features

The Oase BioSmart 16000 UVC Filter is perfect for small-ish garden ponds, whether you have fish or not. It contains different sponges that provide optimum mechanical and biological filtration. The best filter performance is thanks to an integrated UVC clarifier combined with filter foam. This creates an effective flow-through filter.

What about cleaning? Simple. The flow-through filter has levers that squeeze sediment from the filter sponges. There’s also a rinse connection and drain outlet.

Here are the specifications on the Oase BioSmart 16000 UVC Filter:

  • Weight: 5,4kg
  • Dimensions: 38 x 56 x 41cm
  • UVC Power: 11 Watts
  • Capacity for garden ponds: up to 16 cubic metres
  • Capacity for ponds with fish: up to 8 cubic metres
  • Capacity for koi ponds: up to 4 cubic metres

Keeping It Fresh

This UVC filter includes nitrification and denitrification zones to filter out harmful chemicals found in the water. So, the foams neutralise toxins such as ammonia, nitrite and nitrate.

If you keep fish, the temperature display makes it easy for you to read the water temperature on the thermometer.

Plus, the Oase BioSmart is built for simple cleaning and maintenance.

This all-round, good quality filter is a great choice for maintaining naturally healthy ponds. You’ll always have beautiful, fresh pond water.

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