What is your reason for exploring solar pool covers? Is it to keep your water warmer for longer and extend the swimming season? Or are you looking to reduce water evaporation and chemical loss?

Yes, solar pool covers do this and more. We’re taking a closer look at some of the features of available products so you can make the best decision for your home swimming pool.

Types of Solar Pool Covers

Solar pool covers fall into three main categories. The one you’re most familiar with is likely the blanket. However, there are also rings and a liquid which also have unexpected benefits.

Solar Blankets

Solar blankets cover the entire pool surface. They are suitable for all shapes and sizes of swimming pools, and can easily be cut to size when necessary. Blankets are available in various thicknesses with the more heavy-duty variety lasting up to 10 years with proper care.

Whether you choose a clear or a coloured solar blanket, you’ll receive the benefits of reduced water evaporation, less chemical loss, and warmer water. The little pockets that keep the blanket afloat also serve as mini magnifying glasses which capture the sun’s energy and keep it where you want it most – in the pool.

Liquid Solar Cover

Less commonly used is the liquid pool cover. This clever product is poured into the water and sits on the surface like an invisible solar cover, reducing heat loss and evaporation. While they aren’t as effective as blankets at attracting and retaining heat in your pool, they are surprisingly efficient in reducing evaporation, thereby reducing heat loss.

Solar Rings

Solar rings are the perfect solution if you want a cost-effective and quick heating option. They are not as efficient as solar blankets in heating the water, but they are easier to add and remove. Use multiple rings for higher heating capacity when you’re not using the pool, and simply pop them out when you’re ready to swim.

As we head into cooler winter weather, a solar cover is a great idea if you’re loathe to give up your pool time just yet. Simple, easy to use, and incredibly cost-effective when compared to electric heating options, a solar pool cover may be just what you need.

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