The tinsel, baubles and reams of gift wrapping paper are already on the shelves in many store aisles. You know what that means: it’s time to start making that Christmas shopping list!

Socks, dishcloths or that traditional 2kg box of biscuits are alright. But if there’s a pool owner on your gift list, why not shop around for something that that person will definitely make use of outdoors?

You don’t have to mess with your budget. You could choose something that’s easy on your pocket. The other option is to buy a family gift for that person instead of getting presents for every individual in their home. Seeing as the pool area is a spot for the whole family to enjoy, it’ll be a two thumbs up from their side.

If you’re not sure what to get, here are some seriously fabulous ideas to check out if you’re gifting a pool owner for Christmas:

The monthly must-haves

These gifts are thoughtful because at the end of the day, you’ll be saving the recipient a month or two of maintenance costs. Some of the items you could look at getting are a month’s supply of chlorine or maybe a floating chlorine dispenser. Add a pool test kit and you could package all these together with a bright, red bow.

The back-up goods

These are the essential tools that every pool owner would be grateful to have in storage. Those breakage emergencies are the worst. Do a little research and find out what pool cleaner they use. It depends on what you can afford but about two to three replacement hoses should do it. Manual cleaning tools like a brush with a skimmer, rakes and nets are a great addition. If your friend is known to let his tools lean against the pool fence to dry, then pool brush and pole hook hanger sets are practical ideas too.

Lovely add-ons

An outdoor umbrella, some lilos or even solar floating lights for the pool are lovely ideas. A floating pool tray for drinks and snacks or an underwater phone case would be appreciated by the family’s water baby. For those with extra cash to spare, there’s a nifty tool for the tech lover. A WiFi-enabled smart monitor that works with an app your phone to check your water chemistry and temperature 24/7.

Give them a break

Who won’t appreciate this one? You could hire a company and pay for professional pool maintenance for a month for your friend. Your gift essentially is more time to relax and have fun with their loved ones, and to skip those laborious pool tasks in the heat.

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