Indoor water feature pumps are a special breed that meets a special need. If you are a mindful, aware person, you will understand that installing an indoor water feature might be the one thing that gets you through 2022 all calm, cool, and collected.

Indoor Water Features Pump In The Good Stuff

At the outset, you need to know that whatever your indoor water fantasy is; its design, its place, and its purpose all hang on the quality of the little machine that will drive it. A quick peep at the Hailea indoor Feature Pump, for example, will get to the heart of making your fantasy a reality.

Like many essential things, the water feature pump you choose, though hidden from view, is singularly responsible for the success of your design idea.

Essential Features For Indoor Water Feature Pumps

Consulting with a reputable specialist, you will be guided as to where and how to position your pump, especially for indoor water features. We do, however, need to get you through some smart mechanical factors before you develop your indoor water feature.

  1. External vs Submersible – many imagine that submersible pumps are less obvious, and that is indeed true. An external pump, on the other hand, is easier to clean and repair, but if your specialist has either option available, the choice is entirely yours.
  2. Thermal Protection – make sure the pump you choose has a thermal overload cutout switch in the event of overheating.
  3. Water Cooling Facility – a reputable indoor water feature pump might even have a double water cooling structure built-in. The high efficiency in this department also contributes to the silence with which it operates – very important for indoor water features.
  4. Warranties & Approvals – never neglect to check on these. Look for how many years your pump is under warranty – a 2-year minimum would apply to a quality pump. Also, check its cabling, is it SABS approved? Remember to ask about the casing – is it anti-alkali and anti-corrosive, for example?

Lastly, you are to be congratulated for introducing a water feature in your home. It is a great way to bring the outdoors in, with all the benefits it carries for restfulness and presence in our digital world.

Contact us here at Pool Spa and we’ll be there to make your indoor water feature all you dreamed of.