Having a fountain and pond can add to your garden. When you combine the two you can create a beautiful home for all different types of fishes. Some people believe that looking after fish is easy, this is not necessarily true. Which is why you need to know about fountain and pond accessories that can create the right living environment for your fish.

All creatures whether scaly or fluffy deserve to be treated with care and love, your fish are no exception. The problem is that many people believe that having a fish pond is hassle free. This can be the case if you know which fountain and pond accessories can assist in creating the right eco-system for your fish. However, if you think skimming the top for debris and throwing in some food once in a while, will be enough, you are sadly mistaken. Before delving into the fountain and pond accessories that you need, you first need to know how to correctly care for your pond.

Firstly, before you can begin treating the pond you will need to remove your fish. When moving fish out of your pond you will need to use water from the existing pond to fill the holding tank. The water will then be “fish ready” immediately. This is because they need to be kept in the same environment otherwise they could die of shock. Before moving the fish to the holding tank you will need to make sure that it has been aerated for a minimum of 24 hours. The same rule applies to your existing pond when you add in the new water.

Before adding in the new water you can start using some of the accessories to make sure that your pond and fountain are properly clean. One of the best ways to achieve this is to use a pond vacuum. It works in the same way as a normal in house vacuum and will suck up any debris, algae and general dirt that is in the pond. Once you are satisfied that the pond is completely clean you can begin to add in the new water. When adding new water to a fish pond, you have to treat the water first with Starter bacteria, Oxygen supplement and BioKick before introducing fish into it. If the new water is more than half the volume, you have to allow 24 hours for these products to work before adding fish. This process does not eliminate chlorine and thus if you are using municipal water, it should first be kept in a holding tank for at least a week to get rid of all chlorine before introduced into fish pond. You can accelerate this process by aerating the water and exposing it to direct sunlight. If done in this way, you can have all chlorine removed in 24 hours.

Other accessories that you might find helpful

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