Every fountain has a different composition. Each material has a different aesthetic and feel. Have a look at the various materials to consider while selecting a fountain for your home.


Because it is so durable, resin is one of the most widely used materials for birdbaths and fountains. Good polyresin, as it’s frequently called, is perfect for outdoor placement because it can withstand most weather conditions and flowing water. Additionally, a remarkable variety of patterns and even hues are available. Resin fountains can withstand circulating water and bad weather since they are sturdy and tall enough. They can also simulate other materials and come in a variety of colours.

Fiberglass Fountains

Fibreglass is one of our favourite materials for fountains since it is lightweight and portable, allowing you to easily move or take it to a new location or change up its appearance. An additional benefit of fibreglass fountains is their extreme durability and longevity, which is great if you’re searching for the ideal ornamental item for your lawn and garden that you can use for many years to come—even after a significant storm or other extreme weather. You may find hundreds of designs of fibreglass fountains to match any interior decor style in your house.

Metal Fountains

Metal fountains come in a wide range of materials and colours. These fountains are built to last a lifetime because they are composed of materials that are incredibly durable. While stainless steel fountains can give your room a more modern, airy feel, dark bronze brass and copper fountains can give your décor a more rustic feel.

Ceramic Fountains

Ceramic fountains are glossy objects with elaborate designs that can brighten your living room or garden. Because of its extreme durability, this material has a long lifespan. It is weather resistant and won’t fade if you put it outside. Because of their vibrant appearance, these fountains are great statement pieces for any yard or house.


Concrete fountains are the ideal choice if you want to achieve the more classic look of worn-out, grey fountains that are reminiscent of tiny European town squares and old manors. This long-lasting cast material comes in a variety of lovely, retro-looking styles and designs and is made to weather naturally.

It’s time to choose the ideal fountain for your house now that you have a better understanding of the various kinds of fountains and their distinctive characteristics!