Every fountain requires a power source to make it run. Here are the two main power sources for most types of fountains.

Electric-Powered Fountains

Since electric fountains require electricity to operate, it’s important to place them close to an outlet when installing them. If you choose to put your fountain anywhere in your yard away from an outlet, you will need to utilise a power cord.

Solar-Powered Fountains

Because solar fountains don’t require an electrical outlet to operate, they are incredibly convenient. They still work in the same way as other kinds of outdoor fountains available, but the water flow is powered by solar energy. If you have a big garden and want a lovely lawn fountain that doesn’t need to be near a socket or an extension cord, this can be quite helpful.
The operation of indoor and outdoor solar fountains is same. Orient them towards a window so that the sun’s rays can power the fountain through their solar-converting component.

It’s time to choose the ideal fountain for your house now that you have a better understanding of the various kinds of fountains and their distinctive characteristics!