Being close to water makes us happy. True story. Numerous studies show that we are calmer and more creative when we’re near the sea or a large body of water, such as a lake, pond or lagoon. Add a fountain into the equation, and our happiness levels go up even more.

Fountains are pleasing to us visually and sensually, and are especially lovely when they appear to float in the middle of a lake or pond. In urban environments, these floating fountains, which are popular in city parks and botanical gardens, also help to mitigate ambient noise from traffic, providing a peaceful oasis in the middle of a city.

Although they’re called floating fountains, the fountain itself doesn’t float at all. A floating fountain is actually a self-contained submersible pump attached to a float device, which produces the signature spray of water. This can be anything from a metre or two in height to big, impressive fountains spraying many metres into the air. If your body of water is large enough, you can use several fountains placed at different angles, and with differing spray heights, to create a truly spectacular display. An anchor rope secures the whole device in place.

During the day, the effect of a floating fountain is enhanced by the sunlight sparkling through the spray. At night, although the sound is still there, the dramatic visual effect is lost. This is why the simple addition of lighting is almost mandatory when installing a floating fountain. Some fountains are even supplied with lighting already built in.

Floating fountains are relative easy to maintain. The most important part is making sure the intake remains free from any kind of blockage or obstruction, as this can cause the pump to overheat. In order to remove mineral build up on the pump – which can damage bearings and seals – and on the stainless steel motor housing, it’s important to remove the fountain from the water three to four times a year and flush it with clean water.

Pool Spa and Filtration Supplies custom manufactures floating fountains to suit any venue or occasion. There are many interactive choice available to you:

  • Various nozzle types in different patterns
  • Coloured LED or ultra bright coloured halogen lights
  • Infinitely variable programme sequences
  • Changing heights or pulsating action
  • Musical interaction

Why not chat to one of our helpful and expert technicians about how we can help you create a truly spectacular floating fountain.