Summer is here, the pool is sparkling clean and its time to have fun. Often, we spend so much time focusing on getting the pool swim-ready that we forget the must-have pool accessories for summer. What is a pool without all the fun toys and gadgets that make swimming a fun-filled family activity!

Whether your pool is filled with kids, adults or you are just looking for the must-have accessories that serve more than one purpose, there is something for everyone to enjoy in the summer months.

Must-Have Pool Accessories For All Ages

The must-have pool accessories will vary depending on who spends the most time in your pool during the summer months. The must-haves for small children are vastly different from the requirements of teenagers or adults.

The Kids

Stock up on plenty of pool toys to keep the kids entertained with the least effort from the adults as they soak up the sun!

  • Pool toys. Water guns or floaties, the list of pool toys goes on and one. But the bottom line is they keep the kids busy and that makes pool toys a must-have accessory for summer.
  • Storage box. Pool toys all over the yard can be messy, so why not invest in a big storage box to keep them in.

Teenagers And Adults

There is nothing better than to laze around the pool on a hot summer’s day. Why not stock up on the must-have accessories that make this that much easier

  • Floating drink holders or a floating table. Why get out of the pool when you can have your drinks floating right next to you, and you can keep your drink cool in the pool!
  • Pool speakers. A definite must-have accessory to those pool parties, a floating, waterproof speaker is just the way to go

The Multi-Functional

Certain pool accessories are functional while still adding that element of fun to your swimming pool

  • Water features. While these are aesthetically pleasing, they also assist with the circulation of water in and out of your pool. Add it water jets or water slides for extra fun
  • Pool lights. A great safety feature in your pool, lights are also a must-have accessory for those warm summer nights when everyone is still in the water long after dark


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