On those hot summer days there is nothing better than sitting back and relaxing by the pool side. Whether you like to dip in a toe or dive straight in is personal choice. Making the most out of your pool, is all about having the right accessories. Which is why you need to know about the fun swimming pool accessories that are a must have.

There are so many options when it comes to swimming pool accessories, that you are truly spoiled for choice. Apart from there being a lot of practical accessories that are a must have, there are a few fun ones that will add to your pool. Here are the top 5:

  1. Sports accessories: swimming is fantastic exercise as it is, but you can increase this and the fun, by getting sports accessories. There are a number of floating devices that can enhance your playing experience. Floating basketball nets and volleyball nets are definitely an essential.
  2. Rafts: sometimes all you want to do is lay back and soak in the sun, while still being able to skim the top of the pool with your hands. This is possible when you buy a pool raft. Available in numerous designs, including single or double, you can drift off and forget about the world.
  3. Lounges: if you prefer to have a little bit of a cocktail (virgin or not) by the pool side then lounges provide you with that opportunity. They are comfortable upright floating chairs that come equipped with drinks holders.
  4. Baby floats: if you have small kids, you are probably worried about them being in the pool. Getting fun, baby floats that are shaped like cute animals and dragons is the answer. They can float around with your assistance and both of you can still enjoy the time in the pool.
  5. Toys: let your kids enjoy the pool with toys that have been designed for the water. Instead of worrying about your plush teddy bear being ruined, you can buy them water guns and so much more to help them enjoy the days in the sun further.

These are the top 5 choices for fun accessories for the pool, but did you know there are practical accessories that are a must have too?

Practical swimming pool accessories

Swimming pool accessories are not always fun. In fact there are certain items that are a necessity for your pool if you want to keep it safe and clean. One of the most important accessories is the pool pump. The pool pump is there to keep the flow of the pool constant and assist in the removal of debris. Without it, your pool would definitely not function well.

There are a number of other non-negotiable accessories that you can get for your pool. If you want to find out what these are then you need to come to us at Pool Spa & Filtration. Visit our website www.poolspa.co.za to find out more.