During the heat of summer, we all want sparkling blue swimming pools to cool off in. But if you have noticed that the water levels in your pool are dropping more than normal, there are a few easy tips to save water during the summer while still enjoying your swimming pool.

The best and worst of summer is very hot days, and the heat in the air can cause rapid water evaporation in swimming pools. Water levels can drop visibly in a matter of days and can leave you wondering if your pool is leaking.

Easy Tips To Save Water

Before you start to panic about the number of times you are filling up your pool every week, try these tips to help save water n your swimming pool

  • Pool covers – by covering your swimming pool, you can reduce the amount of water evaporating from your pool
  • Check for leaks – while the dropping water levels may be simple evaporation, there could be small leaks in your swimming pool. Check your pool regularly for leaks to help save water.
  • Reduce water temperatures – if you have a heated swimming pool, reduce the temperature of the water – warmer water evaporates quicker than cool water
  • Turn off any unnecessary water features – while they may look pretty, turning off fountains and water features when the pool is not in use is a great way to help save water.

The Bottom Line

When you are filling up your swimming pool, keep a close eye on the water levels so as not to overfill your pool. Maintaining a good balance is also helpful when trying to save water because it means less draining and refilling swimming pools. 

Cleaning your pool manually also contributes to saving water as backwashing uses a lot of water and may not always clean the filter entirely. 

If you have any questions about the best ways to save water while still maintaining your swimming pool, give Pool Spa a shout on 011 793 1381 for friendly and professional advice.