You’re quite right – who wants a green pool? Ah, but when we talk about going green and eco-friendly products, then that’s a whole new ball game. Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights in the modern swimming pool are the “green” solution you have been searching for and are the perfect way to light up your swimming pool without breaking the bank.

Today’s pools can be so much more than a hole in the ground. Creating a visually appealing space in your back garden with a variety of colours and moods is just what your décor specialist ordered!

Why Choose LED Lights For Your Pool?

Energy Efficient LED’s Lead the Way

Back in the days of incandescent lamps, we saw approximately 80 percent of the energy use of these bulbs creating heat, and not light. Those days are over, with LEDs producing far more light and less heat and using between 80 – 90 percent less energy!

Enhanced Style and Mood

Your swimming pool can come alive at night with a choice of mood-enhancing colours. Besides bringing a special ambience to your night-time pool activities, you have the added benefit of a safe swim with a well-lit pool.

Long-Lasting LEDs

Today’s LED lights for swimming pools are here to stay – literally. Proven to last anywhere from 30 000 – 50 000 hours, you can just fit and forget for a good few years (depending on your usage, of course.) That’s 50 times longer than a standard incandescent lamp, and 20 times longer than a halogen.

If you’re planning a new pool, or perhaps some renovations to bring your pool into the 21st century, then LED lights are a great option to include in your project. Flexible, eco-friendly, long-lasting and simply beautiful!

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