The main purpose of owning a swimming pool is its entertainment value which can also make your home the most popular one on the block come summer, but this prestige comes with a fair amount of responsibility.

Regular, which means weekly, swimming pool maintenance is an absolute requirement if you are to avoid becoming the proud new owner of a rather large and less than desirable ‘frog pond’, fraught with algae build-up, mosquito nests, and other health-affecting issues.

What we mean by Regular Swimming Pool Maintenance

To put pool maintenance in better perspective, let’s first take a look at a few time consuming and energy sapping tasks that could be avoided if you made the decision to contract your swimming pool maintenance out to the professionals.

Skimming the pool – the time-consuming job of using a pool net to remove any floating debris, which is entirely necessary to ensure that your pool filters don’t get clogged and the pool floor remains stain free. This task also includes removing and cleaning out the strainer baskets.

Brushing – You know that keeping the walls of your pool clean is important but not many pool owners realise that the kind of brush you need to use will depend on the material of your pool’s wall. Plaster walls benefit from a stiff-bristled brush, while vinyl, tile and fibreglass walls need a soft-bristled brush.

Vacuuming – because a skimmer can’t get everything, which includes any debris that has just been brushed off the walls. While automatic vacuums such as a ‘Creepy Crawly’ are a wonderful invention, unless you are able to master the art of training it to overlap on its passes, you may have to do the odd stint of manual vacuuming using the old fashioned method of attaching a manual vacuum to a pool pole.

Cleaning Filters – Depending on what type of filter you own – sand, cartridge or diatomaceous earth – each one has unique cleaning requirements. Cleaning your filter correctly is paramount to pool maintenance.

Water Level – Pools lose water for a number of reasons. Water levels should never be allowed to fall below the skimmer basket intake tubes as this can ruin your pump. If your pool is losing an unusual amount of water, it may have sprung a leak somewhere, which needs to be located ASAP.

Maintaining the PH – The bane of many a pool owner’s investment and the step that can end up draining your wallet if you lose the plot completely. The water’s PH level determines its acidity and alkalinity. Acidic water damages your pool liner, pool equipment, and your skin. Alkaline water clogs filters, makes the water cloudy and can cause eyes, noses, and skin to burn or become dry. In most pool owners experiences, maintaining the perfect PH is not always as easy as using a home testing kit followed by throwing in a cupful of this and a teaspoon of that.

Sounds exhausting, doesn’t it?

Giving up Swimming Pool Maintenance to the Experts

While some may feel perfectly capable of performing basic pool maintenance projects on their own, most of us would much rather spend our weekends relaxing around the pool rather than repairing or cleaning it.

Contracting your swimming pool maintenance out to pool specialists is, in the long run, not necessarily much more costly than taking care of the maintenance yourself. In fact, it can often save you money because you are not constantly fiddling with things you may know very little about.

Pool maintenance services are generally carried out on a weekly basis, with crucial maintenance aspects being reviewed and performed every six months.

Weekly visits from the ‘pool man’ will ensure that your swimming pool is always crystal clear and ready for all to enjoy at any time. All the chemicals, chemical balancing, swimming pool cleaning and pool repairs can be taken care of, without you having to lift a finger – how fantastic!

The cost of the swimming pool maintenance contracts would generally be based on the size of your pool and the services you require, so don’t stress – there is sure to be a maintenance package for you, should you still find enjoyment in vacuuming your pool, yet abhor attending to the chemistry.

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