Water has been known to have healing properties, whether you have a swimming pool, jacuzzi or just a water feature you will always feel more at ease and relaxed around water. Swimming pools are enjoyed for a number of reasons – to cool down in summer, to swim lengths, for water aerobics and for therapy. Hot tubs, or jacuzzis (as we know them), have been around for centuries but it has only recently been brought to light that there are many health benefits associated with a jacuzzi.

What are the general health benefits of a jacuzzi?

  • If you suffer from insomnia or just generally battle to sleep, having a good relaxing soak in a jacuzzi has been proven to improve your nightly sleeping habits.
  • Stressed out? Then the best medicine is a therapeutic soak in a jacuzzi. The heat from the water increases blood flow and the massage from the jets works out any muscle tension and fatigue.
  • According to tennis coaches, the best form of physio therapy for tennis players is a jacuzzi. It will soak away your aching muscles and due to the increased blood circulation, your joints will ease up. Can you think of a better way to improve your tennis game?
  • Arthritis can be a killer, especially in winter. The best cure? Soaking in a jacuzzi. The warmth of the water together with the constant circulation caused by the jets has a soothing and pain relieving effect on arthritic joints.

Swimming pools are not only used for cooling off and swimming in, but more often than not, are being used for therapy sessions for patients that suffer from niggling injuries or for patients that have undergone major surgery. A swimming pool is also fantastic as a form of stress release. Swimming laps has a tendency to relax the body and focus the mind and biggest benefit of all, is that you are getting your bit of exercise at the same time!

Swimming pools and jacuzzis used for hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is a form of therapy that uses water to treat an injury or illness. The basic theory behind this is that water has many properties that give it the ability to heal. The reason why water is mainly used as a healing tool is because water cannot hurt you. Water basically forms a protective shell around you enabling your body (specifically joints) more movement and flexibility. It is due to this that physio therapists are choosing hydrotherapy above normal therapy for their patients.

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