Ask any resort lodge or vacation station and they’ll tell you how their bookings have sky-rocketed since adding spa baths a.k.a. hot tubs or jacuzzies to their accommodation options. This tells us plenty about what friends and family require for relaxation and fun. With winter just ahead, what better way to ward off chilly nights than sipping hot chocolate with rum in your own hot spa bath at the end of the day.

After the purchase, installation and filling costs are done, you have an investment that not only adds value to your property but an excellent way to beat daily stress, have family fun and entertain on the cheap in your own home.

An indoor-outdoor feel can be easily arranged by installing sliding glass doors or roll away doors. The most popular positions for hot spa baths are deck installations close to the house. Just imagine all the girls happy to be in the hot spa while you and the boys watch the rugby in peace.

The health benefits alone will have you on the phone ordering an installation before finishing this article. Here are our hot spa bath health tips:

  1. Weight loss and diabetes

Thought that would get your attention! It’s no joke- studies have shown that regular spa bathing reduces blood sugar and blood glucose levels. 30 minutes in the hot tub, six days a week can get rid of 2 kg’s a month without any dietary or exercise change. Well, every little bit helps right?

  1. Stress and headaches

But of course! Just the thought of sinking a tired, aching body into the hot tub at the end of a day is relaxing, never mind the real deal. When the warm water dilates your blood vessels, the pressure in your head decreases – many a headache has been alleviated in a beautiful spa bath. With soft candlelight, never overlook simple ways to reduce anxiety and stress.

  1. Lowers Blood Pressure

By now you’re getting the idea that the long sit in the warm water has good effect on your blood vessels. The heart rate actually rises due to the hot water, which in turn, lowers blood pressure – think of it as a soft cardio workout.

  1. Alleviates pain and aids sleep

Arthritis, knee pain, lower back pain and any athletic injury like muscle and tendon pulls seem to dissolve in the hot spa water. With the stress reductions, a light cardio effect, lower blood pressure and relaxed muscles and the tension headache gone, the next thing is a fabulous night’s sleep. Just don’t be falling asleep in the tub!

Besides all the good reasons involving family fun and warmth in chilly winters, hot spa baths not only add great value to property but are fast becoming deal breakers. More and more folk are looking for ways to entertain at home to keep costs down without spoiling the family fun. Whether placed indoors or partially outdoors on a deck with a view, just imagine watching the winter sunset from the comfort of your own hot spa. So, get one already!

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