A cloudy jacuzzi, or spa, is not uncommon but it is pretty easy to fix. We’re going to run through the main reasons that your jacuzzi can become unpleasantly cloudy which will highlight the best way to fix it, or even prevent it in the first place.

One of the main problems with keeping your jacuzzi clean is that it’s a lot smaller than your swimming pool and is therefore affected a lot faster when things go south. The second reason spas can be a maintenance man’s nightmare is because they are generally operated at higher temperatures which means, you guessed it, more bacteria.

Dirt and Debris

Your swimming pool is dozens of times bigger than your spa and has some pretty robust filters in place to deal with leaves, grass, pollen, and other airborne contaminants. When faced with the same debris, the smaller filters in a jacuzzi get blocked quickly. The limited amount of sanitizer available in the water is used up faster as it tries in vain to deal with these unwelcome guests.

The result is cloudy water and an overworked filtration system. Keep the spa covered when it’s not in use, and this will go a long way towards preventing this issue.

Too Many Bodies

The more the merrier, right? Well, not in a hot tub, no. If your jacuzzi has been put through its paces with a lot of bodies coming and going, then you may find that your sanitizer is depleted quickly. The more contaminants in the water, the more chlorine is used up.

If you’ve had a spa party and your water is looking less than appetizing, a good dose of chlorine, or whichever sanitizer you prefer, is in order.


Yes, these little critters were bound to raise their heads again. Warm water provides a comfy home for algae and they will breed significantly faster than they would in the colder water of your swimming pool. Thankfully, keeping a regular maintenance schedule and a careful eye on the chemical balance of your spa water is the most effective way to eliminating this problem.

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