The chill of winter is ebbing across South Africa and we’re all starting to look longingly at our pools in the hope that soon, we can enjoy their splashy madness with our family. What we aren’t looking forward to though, is the spring and summer rains which seem to result in earthworms in the swimming pool.

We often wonder if it’s possible to rain worms, after all, where do they come from? And fishing their slimy dead bodies out of the filter when they have started to decompose is simply all kinds of disgusting. 

There has to be a solution.

Why are there earthworms in my swimming pool?

This concept may seem foreign to you if your swimming pool is on a deck or a raised platform of any sort. But for those of us who have an in-ground pool with grass and plants around it, we know the pain. 

And that’s the problem right there. Having beautiful landscaping around the swimming pool means that there will be soil, obviously. And this is where those awesome little creatures live, busily digging and tilling and making our garden happy. 

However, damp, rainy weather drives the worms up and out of the soil for several reasons. Heavy rains can result in waterlogged soil and the poor blighters don’t have enough oxygen, so need to surface. Also, the rain allows worms to travel quickly over the ground to migrate away from overpopulated areas or to places with fewer moles and richer soil. They can travel faster overland than in the soil, but the conditions have to be right, i.e. wet and puddly.

It’s during this exodus that the earthworms tumble into your pool and drown. Sad, but true. 

What can you do about it?

Not much, as it happens. However, if you know that heavy rains are due, then pop a pool cover on which will prevent those stringy little bodies drowning and getting sucked into your filter. A floating pool blanket is the quickest and easiest option. 

Otherwise, if it has been rainy then a quick clean and scoop of worms, leaves and other critters will prevent them from decaying in your pool or filter system. 

Besides moving plants away from the pool edge or raising your swimming pool, your battle with earthworms in your swimming pool will be more reactive than preventative. But stay strong, keep cleaning, and call us for any more advice.