The kids are home, and you are looking for a project to keep everyone busy during the holidays. How about taking on this exciting task, and build a pond?

Ponds are a great addition to any garden, creating a small piece of paradise, no matter the size. And they are relatively easy to do as a DIY project – especially if you can harness the energy of your kids.

Here are some simple to get you started.

Outline Your Pond

Before you start digging, it is best to lay an outline of the shape you want first. This gives you a chance to pick up any issues before you start the hard work! It also gives an idea of how the pond will sit in your garden and you can adjust as needed for space.

Dig Dig Dig!

Now the hard part comes; digging! Once you are happy with the layout, dig from the outside inwards with vertical slopes. Make sure you have a pump in mind and that the depth of your pond can handle the pump you have chosen.

You can add in plant shelves – the place where your plants will sit around the edge of the pond. Leave a space where the point of water returns as plants will disrupt this. Plants help hide the edging of the liner and soften the edge of the pond.

Underlay and Liner

Check for any sharp objects and place your underlay if you are using it – it isn’t necessary, but it prolongs the life of the liner. You can add a bit of water to weigh it down, this helps get rid of creases.

Water and Equipment

Now you can fill up your pond with water and leave it overnight to settle. Trim off any excess liner around the edge and add rocks and your pond equipment such as pumps and filters to help keep the water clean and moving.

Hard landscaping with rocks and pavers create a brilliant surround, and lastly, add your plants and you have a beautiful garden pond to enjoy.

If you would like more information on the best way to build a pond this holiday, give Poolspa a shout today on 011 793 1381 and speak to one of our friendly and professional staff.