Most people invest in a Jacuzzi as a way to relax and unwind as well as enjoy social time with friends and family. Whether you choose a round, square or custom-made Jacuzzi design, comfort should always be the focal point of a home Jacuzzi to provide you with the spa experience you’ve been dreaming about.

Choosing a Jacuzzi

Gone are the days of a big white square tub in the corner of a room, Jacuzzi design of the 21st century is pretty much only limited by your imagination and budget, which a quick Google search will prove as well as serve to inspire you.

The biggest difference in Jacuzzi’s is their portability aspect.

Portable units generally sit above ground and are made from fibreglass, acrylic or polyethene whereas in-ground Jacuzzi’s, that you step down into, are built into patios or landscapes and are crafted from stone, concrete or tile.

Portable Jacuzzi’s are more suited to those on a budget. They are also much easier to install and don’t require any special permits. Many also feature more ergonomic seating options than an in-ground Jacuzzi and also offer muscle relaxing hydrotherapy in the form of strategically placed jets – which are interchangeable should you later decide on a different vibe.

While the in-ground Jacuzzi design proves more durable when constructed correctly and can be a glorious addition to an entertainment area with a view, what you originally build is what you get to live with so it’s important to plan well from the get-go.

Some high-end Jacuzzi’s now come in a variety of colours making it possible to match your spa to your patio furniture if that’s what blows your hair back.

Jacuzzi Placement and Set-up

The size of your space will determine how big or small your Jacuzzi can be, as well as the best-suited shape. When taking measurements, remember to include surrounding space, steps, cover, possible decking etc. into your calculations so that your Jacuzzi design doesn’t end up causing claustrophobia, rather than relaxation.

Also, take into consideration any personal space you might enjoy when using the Jacuzzi and how many people you could comfortably fit into it in one sitting.

Importantly, Jacuzzi’s require a structurally sound flat and level surface. The surface can be constructed from pavers, brick, concrete, crushed rock or reinforced deck as long as it starts out level and remains so no matter the weight of the Jacuzzi placed on top of it.

Don’t forget that your Jacuzzi will require an accessible power source. If power is not readily available, you’ll need to give an electrician a call to both run the new power and set up your Jacuzzi.

Get Jiggy in the Jacuzzi

The addition of such things as waterfalls, LED lighting and premium audio systems with waterproof speakers are yet another way to ramp up your Jacuzzi design and impress your friends. And, if you just can’t relax without staying in touch with the world, you could even incorporate mobile phone apps for remote operation and monitoring.

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