Many of us work tirelessly to keep our pools sparkling clean. We use large amounts of chemicals to do this, but these can be a bit harsh on your skin and hair, as well as to the environment.

If you are looking for a change and would like to go with a more natural option, there are two different ways to use biofilters in your pool.

Your choices are a pool designed around a plant biosystem to naturally clean the water, or a filter and pump system using only natural filtering options.

Almost any pool can be adapted from chlorine to natural or to use biofilters. It is all dependent on the route you would like to go, how much you would like to spend and what outcome you are looking for.

The Natural Option

A natural pool uses a biological self-cleaning system of plants and organisms. There are chemicals used in this system as the plants used are chosen specifically for your pool and are highly effective at cleaning the water.

These pools have a swimming area and a regeneration zone where all your plants, rock, and gravel filter the water through to clean it. These pools fit beautifully into your natural garden space. The water will be clear but may have a green tinge so this is an option to go with if you don’t mind that.

The Technical Option

If the plant-filtered option is not for you, but you still want a more natural and chemical-free, then the biofilter option is a better choice.

These systems consist of a skimmer to remove the larger particles, a biofilter containing various natural filtering components depending on the option you go with, and a pump system to rotate the water.

Your pool will look like a conventional pool but without any of the harsh chemicals.

If you have any questions about biofilters or alternative ways to keep your swimming pool or fishpond sparkling clean, as well as wastewater solutions, give Pool Spa a shout on 011 793 1381 for advice.