Keeping your pool happy can often feel like an impossible task. If it’s not the leaves it’s the algae, or the pH is off and there’s a leak.

However, what happens when we start getting sand in our pool? Where does it come from and how in the world do we get rid of it?

Sand in Your Pool?

So, we’re not talking about a little pocket of sand in the corner brought in by enthusiastic kids or the occasional Labrador. A significant amount of sand in the pool is most likely an indicator of a problem with your sand filter. Whether it’s due to age, ground movement or worn parts, swimming pool pumps and filters have a limited life span and will fail eventually.

The obvious next step is to fix your filter and replace any parts which are compromised. (That’s a topic for another blog.)

How are we going to get this sand out of the water after we’ve fixed the problem?

Thankfully, you’re dealing with fairly large grains of sand which aren’t going to be suspended in the water for any length of time. Therefore your first step is to get hold of a stiff brush and sweep the sand that you can see into one or two places instead of having to deal with the entire bottom of the pool when you start the next procedure.

You will then want to connect your pool vacuum to a pole and flip your filter over to filter. When vacuuming this will dump the sand back in your filter so it can carry on doing its job. If the sand is full of other debris and you have already replaced the sand in the filter with a fresh bag, then switch over to waste and you can just suck that dirt right out into the garden.

It may take a few runs to get the bottom of your pool sand-free, but when has a little elbow grease gone amiss in the pool cleaning game?