One of the biggest debates when it comes to swimming pools is salt versus chlorine, and whether a regular pool or a salt chlorinated pool is the better way to go.

While there are positives and negatives with either option and while there are some notable differences the bottom line is that they are essentially the same thing! Salt chlorinators turn salt into chlorine, so having a salt chlorinated pool does not mean you are chlorine-free. 

Chlorine Pools

Chlorine pools are great from the point that they are inexpensive in their initial stages, and chemicals are readily available and easy to use. Chlorine also works with all types of pools and pool equipment, so there is nothing fancy required. 

On the downside, you need to add chlorine at least once a week if not more often, and this can work out to be expensive. Chlorine and other chemicals can also feel harsher on the skin for those enjoying the pool on a regular basis during summer.

Salt Chlorinated Pools

While salt chlorinated pools may look expensive at the initial set up, in the long run, there are very few added expenses once the chlorinator is in. The maintenance of the pool becomes very easy and there are no chemicals to be added on a regular basis. Salt chlorinated pools tend to have a much more natural feel to the water and it is softer on the skin.

A downfall of salt chlorinated pools is that the salt may react with some pool equipment and types of pools and periodically the salt will need to be changed, but the costs even out against buying monthly chlorine and chemicals.

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