A swimming pool can instantly transform a boring garden space into a sun-splashed oasis to be enjoyed by friends and family of all ages but it’s no secret that installing a swimming pool requires a significant investment in time and money.

If you’re ready to take the plunge but have been wondering if it’s possible to build a budget swimming pool, check out these tips on how to keep your costs down to make your pool dream become a reality.

Choose The Right Building Material

There are three main types of in-ground swimming pools, namely vinyl liner, concrete and fibreglass.

Vinyl Liner Pool

Vinyl liner pools have the lowest initial cost, and the pool can be customised into various shapes and designs. However, vinal liner pools are less versatile than concrete pools.

Consequently, you will also be spending a lot more on maintenance in the long term as, despite the initial lower installation cost, the liner is prone to degradation and can be punctured by pool toys, pets and sharp objects. Vinyl pool liners often need replacing after four to seven years. This type of pool is also prone to algae.

Fibreglass Pool

If you’re not too pedantic about having a swimming pool that is built to exact specifications, a Fibreglass pool is the fastest to install and the most budget-friendly option overall.

While Fibreglass pools are more expensive than vinyl liner pools, they are cheaper than concrete pools.

A major advantage of a fibreglass pool is the gel coat on the interior surface which protects it from algae moreover, fibreglass shells are quite robust and can last for very many years if well looked after.

The initial cost of the pool will depend on the size and design. Since fibreglass pools are pre-built and then transported to your home for installation, not only would custom designs be more expensive to create but they may also cost more to transport depending on their size and shape.

Choosing from a variety of readily moulded fibreglass shells in a shape closest to what you envisaged will serve your pocket well when shopping for a budget swimming pool.

Concrete Pool

Concrete pools are well known for their versatility and longevity; however, these are definitely the least friendly when it comes to building a budget swimming pool. They incur both high installation and maintenance costs and while they may last the longest, they will need to be resurfaced over time. These pools are also prone to problems such as algae growth and unbalanced water chemistry and don’t always function well with salt chlorinators.

Build a Smaller Pool

The bigger the pool, the more it costs to build and maintain. When building your budget swimming pool, cut down on both building and pool maintenance costs by choosing a smaller sized pool.

Build During the Off-Season

Often building a pool during off-peak seasons is more affordable as the demand is lower and many pool companies offer discounted pricing. The same discount strategy can apply when purchasing essential pool accessories such as pool pumps, lighting and water features.

Consider The Location of Your Pool

Beyond any savings you could make building your budget swimming pool, you can save even more if you’re savvy about where you build.

Take advantage of free solar energy by installing your pool where it’s open to as much sunlight as possible and away from trees. This will help the water warm up and reduce the number of leaves landing up in your pool adding to maintenance woes.

Wind greatly increases water evaporation, so avoid building your pool in a windy area of your garden or alternatively, create a windbreak by installing a solid style fence or by planting a hedge of thick shrubs.

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