We all love summertime especially because we get to spend most of our leisure time in the swimming pool. What is important is that your pool is maintained at all times which includes keeping the pool clean, making sure that the pool receives the correct treatments and the most important, making sure that your pool is not losing water unnecessarily. If you suspect your pool has a leak than you need to detect the leak. Once that has been done, you can then fix the leak yourself and if it is more difficult than anticipated you will have to call in for the help of a pro. You need not get into debt to fix it!

How to fix the leaks that you have detected in your swimming pool

  • Fix leaks you’ve identified: Your treatment of the leak will depend on its location and nature. Skimmer leaks: The most common leak is a separation between the plastic skimmer and the concrete pool. This is easily fixed with pool putty.Light leaks: Often the conduit pipe will come apart, break or separate from the niche. This is difficult to patch. There are various methods to patch a bad conduit connection. A two part epoxy that dries hard, with putty, silicone or caulk are ways to fix this problem.Liner leaks: Simply patch it with a vinyl liner patch kit. If underwater, use a wet patch kit.
  • Note that many leaks are not detectable using the suggestions above: Now it’s time to call a professional! Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, most pool or spa leaks can be found and repaired without major disruption. Compressed air is often used to pressurize a pipe. The air displaces the water in the pipe until it reaches the leak, at which point bubbles escape from the hole to reveal the problem area. Or, where a pipe fails to maintain a constant air pressure, a leak exists.Other times, a special television camera is snaked through plumbing pipes to spot leaks. Pool techs inject air into a pipe, then listen electronically for sounds of air escaping with a super-sensitive microphone.

Understand pool plumbing basics to visualize what a pool tech might do to fix the leak.

The basic configuration of a swimming pool plumbing and filtration system is simple. Water is pulled through the skimmer and main drains in the swimming pool by the pool pump. The water travels underground to the mechanical room where it passes through the pump strainer basket and is then pushed through the filter and heater as well as any other peripherals such as chlorinators. It is eventually piped back to the pool through the return lines. Plumbing systems are a constant source for water loss for a host of different reasons ranging from pipe material, installation quality, age, configuration and soil conditions. Before you begin to tear apart your plumbing system you need to first isolate the leak to determine if it is located in the plumbing system, or in the structure of the pool itself.

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