If you, like most swimming pool owners, put in the hours to ensure that your pool sparkles like a gem, then finding stains on the wall or floor of your pride and joy can be very disheartening. Pool stains are caused by several elements, but the good news is that most of them are treatable.

If you’re planning on tackling your pesky swimming pool stains on your own, then you will first need to get a positive ID on what is causing them.

For the most part, pool stains are produced by either organic matter or metal and can be identified by their colour and location. Let’s take a closer look.

Organic Pool Stains

Brown and green pool stains are likely to be from organic matter that has settled on the walls or floor of your pool and released their natural tannins as they begin decomposing. You’ll probably notice that the stain stakes the shape of the offending matter – a dead giveaway.

Red or blue stains are often the result of berries or other fruit-bearing trees in the surrounding area. If the trees are not overhanging the pool, then they could have been dropped by birds, carried on the feet of swimmers or even flicked in by the lawnmower.  

Metal Pool Stains

If you find dark green, red or brown marks, then you may be treating an iron stain whereas blue/green and black stains are more likely to be from copper.

Treating Swimming Pool Stains

It’s important to discern the exact problem before you start treatment of these stains, and if you are in any doubt it’s always best to call in a pool expert.

Organic stains are best treated with a large dose of chlorine and vigorous brushing. Remember that these chemical treatments are best done during the early evening or even at night if you can, as the sun reacts with the treatment and can negatively impact your efforts.

It may take a few brushing sessions and consistently higher chlorine levels over a period of days to get rid of the stains entirely, so be patient and keep scrubbing.

Metal stains from copper or iron are usually best treated with ascorbic acid but may be a little trickier to get a quick result.

Pool stains, treatment and maintenance can be something of a headache if you don’t have the time. If you need advice, then feel free to give the Pool Spa team a call.