Not everyone was born knowing how to maintain a swimming pool at home. In fact, very few people actually do. Which means that we need to stay alert to the common problems that we may experience so that we aren’t blindsided by them and wake up to a pea-green pool tomorrow. Many problems begin with the pool pump. What are the most common pool pump problems that we see?

Most Common Pool Pump Problems


Imagine that your pool pump is like your heart. It’s vital to keep the water circulating through the filters, as well as to keep the cleaning products running throughout the system. The baskets in the weir and the pump need to be regularly cleaned out to prevent gunk from choking up the system and putting an unnecessary strain on the pump. Do this daily to extend the life of your pump.


There are a number of reasons why a pump may overheat. Reduced airflow is one of them, generally brought about by overgrowth around the pump, or an installation in a small or enclosed space with too little cool air. An incorrect pump installation with a 90-degree pipe bend or an or obstructed run forces the pump to work harder and risk overheating. Corroded bearings from a lack of maintenance can create an incredible amount of heat (and noise)!

Incorrectly Sized Pool Pumps

If you are installing a new pool pump, we encourage you to do the maths and determine exactly how many litres your swimming pool holds. This will allow you to buy the right sized pump. Too small and you’ll find that it is ineffective, needs to run a great deal more than necessary, and will need replacing early. Too large, and you will be wasting money on something that you don’t need, high electricity bills and damage to internal parts.

If you need a little advice on maintaining your swimming pool or have questions on your pool pump problems, why not chat with Pool Spa? We can help!