For those of us that love the quiet tranquillity of a water feature, garden ponds are hard to beat. Besides the gentle beauty of the water and the rustle of surrounding plants, we can enjoy the animal life that is drawn to our little oasis.

Without shattering your illusion, garden ponds do tend to bring an extra set of chores to our otherwise busy day.

And this is exactly why you would use a pond skimmer.

What is a pond skimmer?

These clever little devices reduce your workload by skimming off the debris that falls into the pond. Leaves, grass, dirt, insects, and twigs are caught before they become waterlogged. Once they sink to the bottom of your pond, they start to break down and can increase the levels of algae in the water. Too much algae in a pond will choke out plants and use up the available oxygen – making it uninhabitable.

Sitting just above the water line, this busy little pump keeps the water flowing in order to continually skim the surface of the pond. A net or basket serves to catch the large pieces of debris and is easily emptied, but you may also need finer filter to catch seeds and pollen.

Most pond skimmers also aerate the water. This key factor helps to keep the water clear and allows fish and plant life to thrive.

The right pond skimmer for your pond will depend mainly on its size. However, other factors may need consideration, such as your climate: Is your pond likely to ice up? In hot months does your water level fluctuate significantly?

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