If you want to feel like you are sitting next to a bubbling river but do not have the time to take a trip to one then you should get a water feature or fountain for your garden. A water feature or fountain can provide you with the serene sounds of running water. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting in your garden, reading a book with a cup of tea and having the background noise of the trickling of water. If you have had a long day at work this is a fantastic way to sit back and relax.

Our gardens are often the places that provide us with the solitude that we need. Even if you do not have green thumbs, you probably enjoy spending time in your garden. A water feature or fountain will be a fantastic addition to your garden. Here at Pool Spa & Filtration we can provide you with a wide selection of water features or fountains. There is nothing ostentatious about having a water feature in your garden and with our selection you can choose between large or small water features. You can choose whether you want to have a statement piece or simply just want something that will provide you with the serenity you need.

Our water feature or fountain selection includes the following:

  • Spheres
  • Mist makers
  • Waterfalls
  • Spouts

Any one of these would be a fantastic addition to your home. In fact we not only cater to the needs of the home owner but also to the needs of the business owner too. If you want your business to really stand out from the crowd then putting a water feature at the entrance will certainly give you the desired effect. Our stainless steel spheres are often the water feature of choice in this regard as they are elegant and sophisticated.

We can provide you with the best water fountains as well as all the accessories that are necessary to make them work properly. One of our most popular fountains is our floating fountain. The floating fountain is custom made to your desired specifications and can come equipped with fantastic LED lights that really make them a spectacular addition to any home or business.

We also have extremely unique music fountains. Our music fountains are definitely a statement piece. They are mesmerising to watch and listen too, the LED lights are specifically designed to work in time with the music that is being played by the fountain. If you are the ultimate host then you need to get a music fountain for your garden. You can provide your guests with dinner and a show.

With so many options on offer, they only difficulty you will have is deciding which is the best water feature or fountain for you. We can guide you on every step of the way to make sure that you get the best value for your money and the perfect water feature.

Swimming pool parts that will keep your pool sparkling

There is nothing more relaxing then taking a dip in your pool after a long day at work. However, if your pool is turning green then it is not exactly an inviting environment. In order to stop this from happening you need to make sure that you have access to the best swimming pool parts. Here at Pool Spa & Filtration we have a variety of pool equipment and accessories that will keep your pool crystal clear throughout all of the seasons. Normally your pool will get neglected during the winter months, which is why it is imperative to make sure that it is in full functioning order prior to the cloak of winter hitting your city.

We have the following swimming pool parts available for your home:

  • Pump covers
  • Filters
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Heat pumps
  • Pumps
  • Lights

We can also provide our services to the commercial pools with a wide variety of surrounding equipment, including stainless steel ladders. If you are interested in the services we provide then you can simply request a quote at info@poolspa.co.za or visit our website www.poolspa.co.za to view all of the products we have on offer. For more information contact us today.