Swimming pools, ponds and courtyard fountains are all great ways to add fun, interest and atmosphere to your garden, but we’re not usually so enthusiastic about water inside the house (flashbacks to the Great Geyser Burst of ’05, or the Overflowing Bathtub Incident of ’09!)

Indoor water features (intentional ones, that is) are actually a wonderful way to add drama, a touch of luxury and an undeniable Zen-type vibe to your home. They create an impressive focal point in a room or entrance area, and provide a soothing background of “white noise” which can relax and calm you without you even knowing.

Indoor water features also have a number of proven health benefits that make them not only pleasing to look at but highly beneficial to our well-being as well.

Natural Air Purification

Running water attracts negative ions, which in turn attract dust and dander, pulling them out of the air and into the fountain. Indoor fountains are also natural air humidifiers, as they constantly add a little moisture to the air. This works to counteract the dryness caused by air-conditioners or heaters.

Stress Relief

We all experience stress at some point – some of us more often, and at higher levels, than others. The sound of running water has been proven to soothe our minds and calm our nerves, helping to reduce stress levels. Even just sitting and watching water moving has a calming, almost hypnotic effect that helps relieve tension and stress.

Sleep Improvement

A tabletop water feature in your bedroom might seem like the ultimate indulgence, but it is actually a wonderful way to improve the quality of your sleep. You’ll fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply, waking up refreshed and recharged.

Noise Barrier

Although you don’t want a really loud, splashy fountain in your home, even the gentle noise created by softly falling water can create a natural, pleasing barrier to other noises you’d rather not listen to – traffic, dogs barking, the TV in the next room or the person in the apartment above you who loves to stomp around. Look for features with adjustable pumps so that you can adjust the water flow to suit your needs.

At Pool Spa And Filtration Supplies, we have a wide range of water feature products for indoor and indoor use, so come and talk to usIndoor Water Features Are, Well, In!Indoor Water Features Are, Well, In! about how you can bring the wonder of water into your home, and start enjoying all the benefits that indoor water features bring.