In the case of an old swimming pool, we will inevitably come to the crossroad as to what to do with it. We’ve likely had it a few years – from when the kids were small and now, they’ve left home and we’re left maintaining a pool that no one really uses. 

Before we give up on a swimming pool, which adds value to our property, let’s do a pros and cons list. After all, it won’t be long, and the grown children will be bringing home grandchildren who would love to learn how to swim and dive in the same pool that their parents learned in.

The Pros and Cons of Repairing an Old Swimming Pool

It may take professional opinion to evaluate the condition of your pool. Technological advances have changed the swimming pool industry in many ways. But that doesn’t always mean that old is bad. 


  • Retaining a feature that adds property value
  • Retaining the old structure beats costs of replacement
  • Repairs might be much cheaper than filling the pool in



  • Extensive repairs may be very costly
  • Repairs don’t prevent new leaks
  • Repairs tend to retain an ‘old pool’ look


The Pros and Cons of Pool Replacing an Old Swimming Pool

Replacing a pool may not be as dramatic as we might imagine. Filling in a pool sounds like a cheap way out of the dilemma but closing that’s necessarily not the case. You’re still looking at a big spend of over R 20 000 to lose a feature that is difficult to get back.  


Legally, if your property is in a dolomite area, you need an engineering certificate for filling up a pool. Replacing an old pool has plenty going for it.



  • Retain a feature that ups the value of the property
  • The existing hole is, by and large, already dug
  • Today’s fibreglass pools last the life of the house
  • Replacement means upgrading to a better pool




  • A fair amount of upheaval is to be expected
  • New shapes may have to be dug into the old hole
  • The old pool needs to be fully removed, which costs


Whether old or new, swimming pools provide endless fun and healthy activity for the whole family. Friends and loved ones bond and connect around the pool. Rising costs are seeing more and more families opt for home vacations, a.k.a. staycations, in which case, swimming and water sports become inexpensive outdoor entertainment. 


Feel free to call us for an evaluation if you are at the crossroads of ‘replace or repair’ regarding your beloved old swimming pool.