If you have a pond for Koi or goldfish in your garden, you’ll know firsthand how expensive it can be – both in terms of building the pond, and then stocking it with fish. We understand why it’s then so important to you that the water quality and clarity is kept at its best at all times – there’s no point having fish if you can’t see them!

Your fish will also live much happier, stress-free lives if the water they live in is clean and toxin-free. Stressed fish are much more susceptible to disease, so happy fish are healthy fish!

To help keep your pond in fish-friendly condition, it’s very important not to let toxins – from fertilizers or pesticides, for example – get into the water. Don’t spray the plants that live close to the pond, and try to divert any rain run-off away from the water.

It’s also important to regularly test the pH, nitrate and ammonia levels. A healthy pH is between 7.0 and 7.8, but anywhere between 6.6 and 8.4 is safe. If you find you need to regulate the pH, do it gradually, as a sudden change can be very dangerous for the fish.

If your ammonia or nitrate levels are high, this is a sign of one of two things – either you have too many fish for the size of your pond, or your filter is not working properly. Strictly speaking, it is possible to keep Koi and goldfish in a pond that doesn’t have a filter, but it places huge restrictions on how many fish you can successfully have. In the wild, fish don’t need filters because they swim in large areas of water, but fish that live in a pond will be much happier if their waste is filtered out and their water kept clean.

Biological filters break down ammonia into nitrate using naturally occurring bacteria, and are the most effective method of removing toxins from garden ponds. At Pool Spa and Filtration Supplies, we offer a range of filters and other pond products to ensure a 100% natural, biological system that can be used for plants, fish or both. Chat to us today on 011 983 1381 or visit www.poolspa.co.za to see our full product and service range.