Any home is enhanced by a garden pond, no matter the style, age, or design. However, it’s no secret that children will probably get far more enjoyment out of a pond than us grown-ups, and so it should be. This heady combination of water, mud and wildlife is like catnip for kids, and as much as we want them to enjoy this space, we need to give some careful thought to maintaining a child safe pond.

It’s a tragic fact that small children can drown in a surprisingly small amount of water, so even if your pond is small and shallow, it still poses a significant risk to children.

Creating a Child Safe Pond

There are several ways to ensure that your pond is child-friendly, and the solution you choose will depend largely on the type, size and location of your water feature.

Made-to-fit Pond Guard

One of the best ways to ensure total protection for your kiddies is to install a made-to-fit pond guard. If you’re handy with the tools then you can likely make your own, although we would always recommend getting a professional in for absolute peace of mind.

A pond guard is much like a pool net and can be fabricated out of various materials. A metal guard is a great idea as it is hardy, long-lasting, and will not sag under the weight of a child if they happen to step onto it.

Another great benefit of a metal pool guard is that it serves as a protection for your pond fish who may otherwise end up as lunch for local wildlife or birds.

Pond Fence

Like a pool fence, this is another safety option, although for larger ponds it may not be ideal.

Aesthetics aside, keeping your child away from the water that they are so fascinated with is the most important thing, and if a fence will work (even if it doesn’t look fabulous) then so be it.

Pond Maintenance

If your pond has sloped sides which may encourage wading…and slipping, then it would be best to keep the area as clean as possible to avoid accidents. Alternatively, why not make a day of sourcing and planting a selection of beautiful aquatic plants with your child which would serve to screen off the sloped, slippery section?

We love ponds – and, like you, feel that they add a gorgeous visual dimension to any garden. If you need assistance in tackling the challenges involved in creating a child safe pond, we’d love to assist. Chat to the Pool Spa team today.