You know how important it is to baby-proof your home, and if you have kids, you’ve probably already installed a sturdy fence or net to prevent the wrong kind of little splashes. But is your pool safe for adults?

The sad truth is that even adults who are good swimmers can suffer from serious and fatal swimming pool accidents.

While this is not a fun topic, it is a necessary one. If you want to keep your swimming pool a safe and happy place, there are a few precautions you’ll need to know about.

Adults and Pools

There are countless benefits to swimming, no matter how old you are. It uplifts your mood, calms and relaxes you while providing gentle but supportive exercise. Plus, it’s an opportunity to soak up a much-needed dose of fresh air and sunshine.

Using the swimming pool often should definitely be encouraged, especially for the elderly. However, this also provides a greater incentive for keeping your pool safe for adults as well as for children.

Here is a quick list of the most common accident areas that catch older people unawares:

  • Electrical faults causing shocks
  • Slipping along pool decks, paving and walkways
  • Tripping over hoses, toys, and carelessly placed items
  • Falling into weirs that are left uncovered
  • Unsuitable ladders or steps for getting into and out of the water

All of the above risk points can be mitigated through proper pool maintenance and precautions.

For example, scrubbing the pool area will prevent a slippery algae build-up. Daily pool care will ensure that electrics, implements, equipment, weirs and filters are all in good working condition. Moreover, taking additional safety precautions such as installing an exit hand rail can further reduce the risk of falls.

Swim Safely

Taking a refreshing dip is good for the body and soul. Doing so safely is something everyone, old or young, should rely upon. Thus, swimming pools come with an important responsibility.

Is your pool safe for adults and little ones? It’s a question worth asking.

If you need any advice on your swimming pool, the friendly Pool Spa team will be happy to help. Give them a call today!