Because the main function of a swimming pool filter is to keep the water clear and hygienic, many newbie Koi enthusiasts believe a koi pond filter serves the same purpose. This is definitely not the case. In fact, water clarity is a secondary function of a filter.

A Koi pond is a completely enclosed body of water that has to deal with a high biological load from the fish that live in it. Without the correct filter, ammonia and other toxic chemicals can quickly build up to dangerous levels, and your Koi can eventually suffocate.

Types Of Koi Pond Filters

There are two types of Koi pond filters – mechanical and biological.

 Mechanical Filtration

In addition to fish waste, other sources of waste – such as rain run-off, dead insects and decaying plant matter, among others – will find their way into your pond. These need to be filtered out, which is where your mechanical filter comes in. Mechanical filters are usually divided into several stages, each one set up so that particles are carried through smaller and smaller holes. In this way, increasingly smaller debris is trapped.

Biological Filtration

Successful biological filtration relies on two main things – an oxygen-rich environment, and a large surface area. Oxygen is important, as the nitrifying bacteria are aerobic, meaning they need oxygen in order to absorb the nitrogenous waste from your Koi. You can supplement the oxygenation of your pond with attractive features such as waterfalls, aquatic plants, fountains or diffusers.

A large surface area is important because aerobic bacteria live on the surface of your pond, so the bigger your surface area, the more bacteria you’ll have, and the more powerful your biological filtration will be.

At Pool, Spa and Filtration supplies, we stock a complete bead Koi Pond Filter Kit that creates an enormous filter surface area, allowing for both fine filtration (to give you clear water) and the harvesting of healthy bacteria for bio-filtration. If you need professional advice or installation of your Koi pond filter, or any other pond or pool equipment, chat with us today.